Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Thorough Fire Cleanup Is Key

We do not leave any spot or space uninspected.  We understand the way smoke travels and causes damage.  No matter where it lands, we will find it and we will properly remediate your home after a fire.  We treat your home like it was our own and we ensure you that we will leave you with a clean and healthy environment after you suffer any type of water, fire or bio-hazard emergency.  

Scrubbing Walls For Soot

To make sure fire damage is properly disposed of, it’s important to also make sure it hasn’t traveled to other rooms of the house. Our team pictured here is seen scrubbing the walls that were riddled with soot, due to a fire in another area of the house. Although no physical damage, soot particles traveled into the area and needed to be removed to prevent odor and unpleasant air inside the home. With our knowledge and thorough attention to detail, we left this home “Like it never even happened.”

Basement Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage from a fire is not just what the eye can see -- it can travel to places unseen at first glance!  Due to the harsh affects smoke from a fire can cause, here you will see that we are removing the insulation and sheetrock from this home.  Even though the flames didn’t touch this area, the smoke and soot traveled into the room causing damage not seen by many. Our efforts provided a thorough cleanup of ALL rooms and areas involved!

Bedroom Fire Cleaning

Pictured here is one of the big difference makers SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury can make after a fire! This air scrubber is removing particles and odors from a room in a home after fire damage. Even though rooms may look undamaged after something as destructive as a fire, it’s important to make sure that airborne issues are not present.  Thorough cleaning gives you peace of mind and those are just a few things we provide!

Commercial Fire In Mall

Pictured here is a tactic we use to begin the process of removing fire damage from walls, using an elongated rod with a special sponge attachment.  When cleaning soot and smoke damage after a fire, it is pivitol that all damaged areas are addressed.   To get your business back up and running, we know that speed and quality is key -- and we set out to and achieve just that!

SERVPRO of East Meadow / Westbury Furnace "Puff Back" Soot Removal

Furnace puff backs are one of the most common problems encountered in a home’s furnace, gas or oil burning systems.

Lack of timely inspection and regular service of oil fired heating appliances will bring enormous risks such as loss of heat and related damages in your Long Island home, black walls and sooty mess all around, and the potential for more dangerous puff backs in the future. If you are encountering any of these problems, call our home restoration emergency professionals at SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury right away, to get your system checked and repaired.