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Meticulous Efforts On All Jobs!

Accurately being able to address and fix any issue is what sets SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury apart from the rest and that’s exactly why these homeowner... READ MORE

Accurate Diagnosis and Cleanup!

When it comes to a company who does a thorough job, SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury is at the front of the pack! This residential home experienced some pretty s... READ MORE

Cleaning Commercial Space Effectively!

Commercial water damage is devastating for anyone and the swiftness of the recovery efforts are important when it comes to maintaining profitability inside the ... READ MORE

Commercial Retail Space Cleanup

When a commercial space endures damage, a number of things occur in the hours and days after. Most importantly, business owners are facing the possibility of lo... READ MORE

Storm Mitigation In Living Room

After a storm, many homeowners are left to pick up the pieces from damage and begin the process of getting back to a normal life. When that damage requires the ... READ MORE

Kitchen Storm Cleanup

The effects of a storm can be far more than many might think, with damage lingering in a number of areas unseen. This home unfortunately experienced damage in m... READ MORE

Soot Cleanup From Fire

Thoroughness is key when it comes to repairing after a fire! This particular home experienced fire damage that, even though put out, left soot and smoke remnant... READ MORE

Residential Fire Cleanup

A kitchen is a place where family and friends all gather -- and the effects of fire damage left this one unable to do so! SERVPRO of East Meadow/Westbury came t... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Home

For many, what sometimes can’t be seen after fire damage ends up being the biggest nuisance during the cleanup process. Lurking behind the walls and ceili... READ MORE

Roofing & Kitchen Suffer Storm Damage

This residential home experienced some of the worst components of a storm, with much to clean up after all was said and done. We arrived at this house and notic... READ MORE